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→Golden Dreams
· i don't see any asterisks... maybe the…
Lyrics Review08-14-2007 · 11:21 PM
· u r amazing! ummm... i think you should…
Lyrics Review08-14-2007 · 11:16 PM
→My Wisdom
· I agree with SS. u are really good.…
Lyrics Review06-14-2007 · 12:33 AM
· thanks, it is kindof like what you said.…
Lyrics Review06-14-2007 · 12:19 AM
· I like, thanks for the suggestion... this…
Lyrics Review06-01-2007 · 10:53 PM
→Wishing You Were There
· yeah, see, I listen to some very…
Lyrics Review05-27-2007 · 07:22 PM
→Wishing You Were There
· yes, I am a girl i thought everyone knew…
Lyrics Review05-25-2007 · 05:58 PM
→New song with no title
· Hmmm you have a band? I like it, but not…
Lyrics Review05-19-2007 · 11:04 PM
→Are You Pressuring me?
· well, not a really long time ago. a year…
Lyrics Review05-18-2007 · 07:15 PM
→Sad Eyes
· yeah maybe. I don't really know what to…
Lyrics Review05-16-2007 · 10:54 PM
→Promise me
· Really? I didn't think it was so good. My…
Lyrics Review05-15-2007 · 09:51 PM
· Growing pains it is. Yeah, i kind of…
Lyrics Review05-09-2007 · 03:36 PM
→No Subject…
· Hey, apatheticdays. Yeah, um. You stole…
Audio Review05-04-2007 · 03:25 PM
→Nobody Told Me (Killers Parody)
· never mind! NEver mind! I read your reply!
Lyrics Review04-27-2007 · 11:10 PM
→Nobody Told Me (Killers Parody)
· r u making fun of the Killers??!!
Lyrics Review04-27-2007 · 11:10 PM
→Feelings hiding
· I don't have band and I only play piano…
Lyrics Review03-30-2007 · 05:32 PM
→darling little doll
· It reminds me of "Runaway Love" By…
Lyrics Review03-30-2007 · 05:28 PM
→fly away
· K, I got worried. Thought you thought it…
Lyrics Review03-25-2007 · 12:45 AM
→Fly away (Goodbye)
· Thank you you too :D
Lyrics Review03-25-2007 · 12:43 AM
→fly away
· I wrote this one by myself. Just checked
Lyrics Review03-23-2007 · 09:01 PM
→fly away
· I don't think so, i wrote this song. I…
Lyrics Review03-23-2007 · 06:18 PM
→Now she knows
· I like the first verse alot. The way it…
Lyrics Review03-22-2007 · 02:46 PM
→Three unfinished songs
· no what you mean! Can never finish a…
Lyrics Review03-21-2007 · 09:38 PM
→Feelings hiding
· [quote=apatheticdays]I look at you and…
Lyrics Review03-21-2007 · 09:23 PM

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